Sport has played a fundamental role in Renzo Savasta’s life.

Brought up as a sportsman in the juvenile volley-ball club of Belluno, in 1974, at the age of 20, he joined Petrarca Padova, a team that used to play in the Italian volley-ball top league, and remained there until the ‘77-’78 season. The following year he decided to go back and play again with the colours of SAI Belluno, wich in the meanwhile had been promoted to the top league, and played there for another two seasons, the last in his career as a professional player. He boasts 8 presences in the Italian national volley-ball team, and a participation, in August 1977, in the World University Games which were held that year in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The experiences in competitive sports and in particular the experience of belonging to a team, i.e. a group of people competing to achieve the same goals, has given Savasta a set of values that have always stayed with him during his whole life.
The awareness of the educational value that such experiences can play in a young person’s life, has urged him to be active in sports even off the field, first as the manager of Pallavolo Belluno (the local volley-ball team), and then as the patron of Belluno Calcio (the local football team) from 1997 to 2003.
He is still fondly remembered by the fans of his town, in particular for his football sport venture.
In only six years’ management, in fact, the team has been promoted of 4 categories, passing from the first division to the Serie C (in the national league), the number of associates grew from 1 to 56, and the juvenile sector even topped 250 youngsters, some of whom have managed to enter the world of  professional football.

Even nowadays Renzo Savasta is a sportsman, and is very keen on mountaineering and paragliding.

Renzo Savasta and Pemba Sherpa, top of Mera Peak ( Himalaya ), year 2010, 6476 meters.